“Wumbeldorf’s mother”

In Haste Heist some of the stealable items have stories behing them. Lady Hulda von Wumbeldorf (nee Tottérstrom) is mayor von Wumbeldorf’s mother. She appears in the game only as a painting. Wumbeldorf’s mother is part of the Collection of Cool Portraits in Hasteville Museum.  The curator of the museum hates the painting, since the mother’s gaze haunts the watcher. So the curator is actually glad when the painting goes missing. But the mayor is ofcourse offended.

Story Artist’s comments:

The painting of Wumbeldorf’s mother is based on the painting Whistler’s mother. I changed the pose of the mayor’s mother to empasize her stare. I wanted to make the mother look as conservative, unpleasant and negative as I could. That’s why she wears plain clothes and frowns. The aim was to make her and the painting feel unsympathetic. The player should feel like the mother is not someone you’d like to meet.