What makes Haste Heist a Fun Heist

Key Game Features

  • Side Scrolling Adventure: Players will venture through numerous action packed levels with platforming obstacles, notorious enemies (cops) and laughable scenarios(chairs falling on guards/donuts stunning fat guards). The game will feature vivid “PixelArt-Cartoony” levels and a lavished cast of characters.
  • Use your Environment : The game is fast paced however there are always more than one solution to your problems, be it hiding in a plant or using a chair to barricade in a door which is about to be searched by a suspicious policeman, there is always something to use in your interactable environment
  • Humor Filled World: The world and narrative of Haste Heist is packed with hilarious characters and humorous situations aswell as cheeky references. The cast of characters offer goofy suggestions and the enemies are incredibly gullible and some even feature voice acting. The game is a light hearted adventure that will give players an unforgettable interactive experience.