Resident Ellie

Lead Story Writer

The story of Haste Heist is mostly told in the newspaper called ‘Hasteville Weekly’. It appears after you complete a set of levels that happen in the same area. In the newspaper we learn about the oldest resident of the Smellyriver district – Elfrida “Ellie for friends” Tottérstrom. The idea for Ellie came when I was thinking about the part of the town that Riley lives in.  I wanted it to have an official neighborhood stalker. But the one who knows everything about everybody should be harmless. So everybody in Smellyriver district knows about Ellie and they know that she’s the best source of neighborhood gossip. They have even given her better equipment for stalking purposes.

Ellie sees Riley’s family as people doing their jobs just like everybody else. Maybe we should do, since Ellie knows them best?

Story Artist

After getting the character brief from the writer, the artist designs what the character looks like. Unlike other artists in the team, story artist doesn’t need to think about how the character looks like in pixel art. She needs to think about how the character looks like in black and white.

Ellie’s interest in technology is fascinating, it makes a fun contrast.

In Ellie’s case the story artist thought about a stereotypical suspicious next door granny. She has her own experiences about complaining elderly women and used that in the design for Ellie. The story artist likes to draw wrinkles and and every day realism instead of just beaty shots. She enjoys emphasizing so called beaty defects, bringing out the personality in the subject’s face. So drawing Ellie was right up her alley.