Grab a friend and start heisting! Thoughts on local co-op


Level designers are working on the co-op levels of Haste Heist during this summer. Here are their thoughts:

When making levels I think about what’s fun? Should the level be closed or more open? The single player levels of Haste Heist are more closed since they have to follow the flow of the story. You can pass the levels in different ways but there are objectives that you need to fulfill before you can move on to the next level area. In co-op you can steal as much or as little as you want. You start with your heisting friend somewhere in the level and you need to get to the exit together.  When designing the levels I want to make sure that players need each other to solve the puzzles. One can’t just sit down waiting for the other player to solve the puzzles and pass the level. The co-op in Haste Heist is local co-op so you’re physically playing close to each other. One player’s excitement sticks to the other and they can share thrilling moments running away from guards and shouting directions to one another. One dream of our team is that parents play the game with their kids.

In co-op levels bigger is better. There’s not enough to do for two players in smaller story levels. We are designing the co-op levels to look exciting, not just box-shaped buildings. Levels don’t have to be based on real buildings, they serve only as a background for the puzzles. The core fun of Haste Heist stays the same whether you play alone or with a friend – you sneak and run away from guards heisting as you go.