Character brief: Riley

Lead Story Writer’s brief:

Haste heist’s protagonist Riley is an established thief. Riley doesn’t complain about the past, and has an easy-going personality. To a point. When Riley goes over the edge Riley goes all the way.
Nowadays Riley has no warm feelings for the mayor. Riley’s goal is to stop mayor’s plans to demolish Riley’s home – the Smellyriver district. First Riley revenges by stealing stuff from the mayor but then Riley finds out evidence about the mayor’s evil deeds and realizes that he needs to be removed from his office. So Riley starts to look for more  evidence against the mayor to bring him down.


Lead Graphics Artist´s comments:

Sketching for Riley’s appearance started in a traditional way – by googling for burglar. I looked for a cartoony-style, trying to create easily recognizable thief.

The character is small in the game so it’s design shouldn’t be too detailed or complicated. I didn’t have any specific gender in mind since it was not important for the character or the game.

Riley is a laid back character so that’s why the thief is wearing a sweater. The color blue for Riley’s clothing was chosen because blue is a so called accepting color – it doesn’t call for attention. It blends in.