Character brief: Mayor von Wumbeldorf

Lead Story Writer’s brief:

Antagonist of Haste Heist is the mayor von Wumbeldorf. He rules the city of Hasteville like a traditional dictator.

Mayor is greedy and loves power. He belongs to a rich and powerful noble family and is used to being served and even worshipped by lower classes.  Von Wumbeldorf has been building up his influence in the city after being elected the mayor and now starts slowly to lose any trace of common sense with his evil deeds. In the past the mayor has been decent enough and even liked by the people so the thieving legend of Hasteville -Riley – is surprised to find out about the mayor’s evil deeds.

Mayor’s strength is the immense and absolute power he has over the city. His weakness is that people don’t really like him anymore and he’s just one big scandal away from being kicked out of office by an angry mob.  Mayor von Wumbeldorf wants to stay in power so Riley – equipped with excellent heisting skills – poses a real danger to him because Riley can find out evidence about von Wumbeldorf’s shady new business ideas.

Lead Graphic Artist’s comments:

I didn’t want to create a basic “cruel mayor in a hat”. Also Draco Malfoy style “rich backward flipped with gel”  hair was already taken. That’s why our antagonist has overflowing bangs. It curls up because he has quite a twisted personality. Yellow, golden and magenta contrasts the colors Riley uses and also go well with mayor von Wumbeldorf’s impressive bank account.