Character brief: Doge

Story Writer’s brief:

Riley owns a pet called Doge and Riley sure loves Doge, who was found wandering the neighborhood. No one would claim ownership of it so Riley adopted the ugly thing and called it Doge.

Doge likes dog-food so surely it’s a dog? Doge is a mutt, not even the bitch that gave birth to Doge could love that face. You can sometimes wonder what animal Doge is by the various sounds it makes.

Doge only gets along with Riley, it doesn’t really care for others at all. Doge isn’t really Lassie-material but it has some tricks up it’s furry sleeves like making loud noises and smelling bad. Doge also looks so disturbing that people tend to just stop and stare at him for a moment.

Lead Graphics Artist’s comments:

After reading the brief I wanted to make Doge dog-like but not a dog. At first I sketched some dog-like silhouettes but they weren’t right. They looked too much like other game’s animal companions. So I wanted to make Doge more alien, weird, squishy.