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Grab a friend and start heisting! Thoughts on local co-op

  Level designers are working on the co-op levels of Haste Heist during this summer. Here are their thoughts: When making levels I think about what’s fun? Should the level be closed or more open? The single player levels of Haste Heist are more closed since they have to follow the flow of the story. You… Read full article

Character brief: Doge

Story Writer’s brief: Riley owns a pet called Doge and Riley sure loves Doge, who was found wandering the neighborhood. No one would claim ownership of it so Riley adopted the ugly thing and called it Doge. Doge likes dog-food so surely it’s a dog? Doge is a mutt, not even the bitch that gave… Read full article

“Wumbeldorf’s mother”

In Haste Heist some of the stealable items have stories behing them. Lady Hulda von Wumbeldorf (nee Tottérstrom) is mayor von Wumbeldorf’s mother. She appears in the game only as a painting. Wumbeldorf’s mother is part of the Collection of Cool Portraits in Hasteville Museum.  The curator of the museum hates the painting, since the… Read full article

Character brief: Mayor von Wumbeldorf

Lead Story Writer’s brief: Antagonist of Haste Heist is the mayor von Wumbeldorf. He rules the city of Hasteville like a traditional dictator. Mayor is greedy and loves power. He belongs to a rich and powerful noble family and is used to being served and even worshipped by lower classes.  Von Wumbeldorf has been building… Read full article

Resident Ellie

Lead Story Writer The story of Haste Heist is mostly told in the newspaper called ‘Hasteville Weekly’. It appears after you complete a set of levels that happen in the same area. In the newspaper we learn about the oldest resident of the Smellyriver district – Elfrida “Ellie for friends” Tottérstrom. The idea for Ellie… Read full article

Character brief: Riley

Lead Story Writer’s brief: Haste heist’s protagonist Riley is an established thief. Riley doesn’t complain about the past, and has an easy-going personality. To a point. When Riley goes over the edge Riley goes all the way. Nowadays Riley has no warm feelings for the mayor. Riley’s goal is to stop mayor’s plans to demolish… Read full article

Thoughts on the Indie Market

The Indie game Industry is a rather volatile and unpredictable scene, with very little structure or viable pattern recognition. Most of the success is down to exceptional marketing or dumb luck. Essentially this is a purely a genre in which the game which is most appealing,most mechanically developed in a culmination of an overall “solid… Read full article

What makes Haste Heist a Fun Heist

Key Game Features Side Scrolling Adventure: Players will venture through numerous action packed levels with platforming obstacles, notorious enemies (cops) and laughable scenarios(chairs falling on guards/donuts stunning fat guards). The game will feature vivid “PixelArt-Cartoony” levels and a lavished cast of characters. Use your Environment : The game is fast paced however there are always… Read full article