Sneak through Banks, Museums, Apartments And top secret military facilities to steal your way to wealth. Haste Heist is a modern 2D fast paced stealth & tactical game taking you through various environments around a metropolitan city, stealing and evading guards as you go. Try and beat your friends high scores or find as many ways to steal your target item as you can.

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Grab a friend and start heisting! Thoughts on local co-op

  Level designers are working on the co-op levels of Haste Heist during this summer. Here are their thoughts: When making levels I think about what’s fun? Should the level be closed or more open? The single player levels of Haste Heist are more closed since they have to follow the flow of the story. You… Read full article


Team Run is a group of 12 International students based in Oulu Finland. We are truly passionate about making a quality product which speaks to the user, not only in gameplay, but in story, sound, cooperation and of course a good ol' Heist.